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c0ol lyk B0

c0ol kidz lyk B0
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Do you think you're cool like bo? If you are cool like bo, you get in.
If not, then that's too bad for you cause you're missing out.

1) All applications must be put behind an LJ-cut tag. Don't know how? Go here to find out how.
2) No bitching if you don't get accepted. It's only okay to be a bitch once you have been accepted.
3) Don't join if you're not going to post an application!
4) Answer all of the questions of the application, and please put "the mods rule lyk b0" in the subject line so we know what you're doing.
5) Once accepted: participate and promote!

The Application:

_basic stuff_
1. Name:
2. Gender:
3. Sexual preference:
4. Birthday:
5. Age (Some of us aren't so good at math):
6. Location:
7. Hobbies:
8. Music genre preference:

8. Colour:
9. Bands:
10. TV shows:
11. Movies:
12. Books:
13. Foods:
14. Word:

_this or that_
15. Cola or Water:
16. Black or Blue:
17. Move or TV:
18. Radio or CD or MP3:
19. Phone or IM:
20: Pen or Pencil

_your opinion on_
21. Sex:
22. Drugs:
23. Rock and Roll:
24. Gay Marriage:
25. Abortion:

_final questions_
26.Tell us something interesting:
27. Make us laugh:
28. Why should we accept you:
29. Anything else you want to tell us:

Post a picture? (optional)


The B0's That We Know and Luff:
Jaci _033187
Chels ducky_up [mod]
April followyourheart
Kat katanity
Hillary likewo
Sam shizzaroni
Jen stolenstarz [mod]
Sam xdefinenormal [mod]